Building an Effective Disaster Recovery Exercise

Do you hold regular disaster recovery exercises to heighten team sophistication and maturity? Performing actual recoveries, especially leveraging known weaknesses and gaps, provides appropriate stress-inducing behavior versus a game mentality. Exercises are about simulating a real event and identifying weaknesses and gaps in your technical capability.

In this webinar we discussed:

     - Who should be involved in the recovery exercise
How to plan – but not over plan – the exercise
    - How to determine the appropriate scope for the exercise
​​​​​​​     - How to manage the exercise
​​​​​​​     - How to perform multiple exercises in a year
​​​​​​​     - What you should do with the results

Learn how to build and conduct a DR exercise that will enhance the maturity and recoverability of your organization​​​​​​.

On September 13, 2017, Richard Long presented this webinar on how to use a DR exercise to identify weaknesses and gaps in your technical capability.
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