Mock Exercises – How to Test True Capability

What business continuity or disaster recovery exercises have you performed? Do you know the difference and have distinct goals for them? Do you even do exercises? If you are not performing exercises, then you have no way of knowing that your recovery plans and strategies will actually work if called upon. 

In this webinar we discussed using mock exercises to :

     - Validate your recovery strategy.
     - Validate your recovery processes.
Identify gaps in both your recovery processes and strategy to allow you to correct them before a real event occurs.
    - Train your staff so people know what to do. Actions performed during a recovery are different than day to day activities. We need to practice.

Learn how to how to use mock exercises to test the true capability of your BC/DR program.

On July 11, 2018, Richard Long presented this webinar on using mock exercises to enhance the maturity and recoverability of your organization.
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